Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michael 4 on vacation in Pompeii -- before 70AD!

As promised ... Michael 4 takes a vacation in Pompeii, sometime before 70AD. Uh, what happened n 70AD, you ask? Well, something very big and dangerous exploded with a bang that was heard half the world away, and the tone of the neighborhood went right down, never to recover.

Seriously -- these are lovely shots, in quite difficult lighting conditions. You don't want to know what I went through to get these, though they're not raytraced. No time. Each one of these would have taken about an hour if I'd raytraced them.

I was asked when the real nude shots are going to start appearing in the Abraxas graphic novel. Soon, people. We're getting there. Patience, okay?

Jade, 28 November

Monday, November 22, 2010

Male nude glamour ... give me any reason why not!

These shots are a continuation of the tutorial on the main blog, where I talk you through the process of staring with the Michael 4 "doll" right out of the box, as it were, and winding up with, well ... a supermodel. If you'll like to see the post which spawned this, here's the link ... there's a couple of nicely seductive glamour shots there too, as well as the tutorial.

The process all started with a previous tutorial, where I designed his face, so this has been quite interesting -- starting from scratch and designing a really unique character. It's been fun!

Jade, 23 November

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new face for Michael 4 -- not to mention a new complexion!

A new character ... a new face for Michael 4. In fact it's a new skinmap called Ferendir, which is designed to suit elven characters. He's absolutely hairless. As I was saying on the other blog, this is not my usual style, but this is a lovely skinmap in so many ways -- it takes the light well, you can get in close to it, and it holds up extremely well, and it doesn't show the "seams" where the parts of the map join. Some of the other skinmaps do, which can leave you with a lot of digital painting to do in post, to paint then out...

If you'd like to see the other renders of this new character -- less explicit, but very lovely, and also offering a great closeup on the face -- click here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Woodland beauty at the Gates of Dawn

When I was really, really little my favorite book was The Wind in the Willows, and my favorite part of it was the chapter, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, when the Mole, the Rat and the Otter are out all night, beyond the Wild Wood, looking for the Otter's baby son, who'd gone missing. If you know the story, you know what happens next ... and for many a soul who grew up devoutly green if not in fact spiritually pagan, the process more than likely began right there. Forty years later, I can still get a little bit emotional...

And this is where my mind was when I did the reams and reams of post work necessary to finish these paintings ... and I'm calling them paintings, because they're so heavily worked after they came out of DAZ Studio 3, they're practically as much painting as 3D render!

There are other renders in this series -- less explicit, and therefore posted to the other blog, where the "general" art lives. If you would like to see those, click here, and also here for one more, to travel across to the main blog, and ... enjoy.

While I was painting these, I found myself thinking, these almost deserve to be painted in oils on canvas, so I processed one of them through into that style:

... you'll need to click on this and see it at 800 pixels wide to get the proper effect -- it doesn't show through ideally in the small image which Blogger pastes into the body of the page. But you get the idea. If you like this effect, see this, too ... it really is a lovely effect, and in that last post, I tell you how to do it yourself.

Jade, 15 November

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heroes wearing imaginary costumes ... yep, that's classical fantasy!

As promised, here's a closer look at the costume our wannabe escapee is almost wearing. These renders spring off two series on the main blog:

They plan their escape
Room with a view

...and because I knoooow you've been wanting to see the other side of the guy's costume, here's a couple more renders which don't keep secrets.

These shots really did start out as a study of interiors and exteriors -- literally, a room with a highly-detailed outside. The rest just happened ... and where these last ideas came from, well, search me. She is absolutely fuming, and she's armed. You can hear the spitting, "Just you wait till I get outta-freakin'-here! Hell hath no fury, you understand. And he looks like he's in considerable trouble ... and I'm not even going to speculate about what's going on!

(Halfway through the renders of the furious lady here, I switched hairstyles. Had to. I was using one which looked fantastic, and then it got itself into a knot, and when I deleted it and tried reloading it, wham! It wouldn't "parent" to the model for love or money. So I said words along the lines of "Oh, bother" (actually, the air was sizzling...) and dumped it, and loaded up the Spartacos Hair. Spartacos looks a little rougher, less like a mane of velvet, but that actually makes it more realistic, and -- better! -- the model does as it's told!

Jade, 20 October

Monday, October 18, 2010

All dressed up ... if you can call it that!

It took a little while longer than anticipated, but here's the adults only renders spinning off the posts on t'other blog. You've seen Jesse here before. You might have seen the tutorial where we turned "a colonial Army brat" into an uptown party boy" ... or, "The M4 Bodysuit -- now you see it, now you don't." That was more of a tutorial, telling how you start with something that looks like a scuba diver's wetsuit, and wind up with a flimsy iridescent costume which barely covers anything, and certainly doesn't conceal anything, uh, major!

So here's the dramatization. In these scenes, Jesse has finished the job of "grooming" Jarrat for then deep-cover assignment. Jarrat looks the part ... but Jesse is less worried than terrified that Jarrat is going to go out and get himself killed. If you've read Aphelion, you know what actually happened. It's the fourth of the NARC books by Mel Keegan, and a bit of research will put you in the picture. Whooooo!

If you're on this page somehow without seeing the other posts, here they are:

The M4 Bodysuit: now you see it, now you don't
Rhapsody in Blue: lighting Jesse
Midnight in the city under the green gas giant
Rhapsody in blue: male nude in the SF context


Jade, 19 October

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rhapsody in blue: male nude in the science fiction context

As promised ... the Companion in all his considerable glory! Jesse Lawrence is the prince of Companions in an age -- four centuries from now -- when human beings have been genetically "tweaked" for strength or smartness or beauty. This ain't Star Trek, guys. There are no taboos about nudity or sexuality. This is the chic look of the midnight party crowd in the city of Elysium, on a world called Avalon which orbits a green gas giant known as Zeus.

The book? Mel Keegan's Equinox, which is the second of the NARC novels. For more info on this acid-hot, razor's-edge SF series, see the main post from which these AO renders spun off -- I give the link and the caveat right here. Enjoy!

Jade, October 13

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yaoi fantasy ... whoa!

As promised, here's the Full Monty version of the story which began on the main blog earlier today. A bit of Yaoi fantasy ... which could get dramatic! In fact, if you're interested in the story that goes with the images (not to mention another half dozen renders like these, but a tad-bit less explicit, let me give you the link:

Dream Sequence -- Yaoi fantasy come alive

From the looks of this, it's all gone pear-shaped for the lad. Now what we need is a hero to come riding to the rescue, right?

Stay tuned for the next episode...

Jade, 5 October

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yaoi Tarzan

You might have been wondering if (duh!) there was a "mature eyes only" version of the Yaoi Tarzan shots which appeared on the main blog a few days ago. You knew there had to be ... and here they are.

Um ... why? Why not? I've actually read a lot of the original Tarzan stories -- the real thing, just as-written a long, loooong time ago. They're really out there, in terms of fantasy. Burroughs's Africa is nothing remotely like the real Africa. It has the same fantasy texture as his Mars. It's deep and green and so rich, you can smell the forest...

Anyway, here's the adults only versions of the Yaoi Tarzan renders, and if you'd like to see the others, which are a bit less explicit, give this a click, and enjoy!

Jade, 28 September

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fantasy male nude -- dawn in the ruined temple

As promised, here's the adults only set of renders which spring off the series of images appearing on the main blog today. I told the story behind the images on the other blog, so there's not much more to say here except ... enjoy!

And if you'd like to see the rest of the renders, which are less explicit but no less beautiful, click right here.

Jade, 18 September

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A sunrise rite ... nude dawn ritual ... call it what you will.

These are really beauty shots ... fantasy art in the style of Boris, right down to the color toning. I'm soooo pleased with the way these just "happened." If you'd like to see the other two shots, they're general enough to appear on the main blog, right here. But today I'm actually making the main post on this blog, because when I got to playing with textures and transparencies, the costumes sort of, um, melted away.

It's probably the artist in me, but I really do think the hoomin bod is sexier when it's almost wearing something that's either diaphanous or falling off, or --! Nudity is just nudity. Ho hum. You see practically everything on the beach (at least if you live in Australia). But put a bit of organza in there, and ...

I still have to render the shots of the hunk in all his glory -- look out for those tomorrow or the next day. Today, you notice there's a strategically placed incense burner, or else she's standing in front of him. Why? Because I didn't have time to get to the fiddly bits.

Tomorrow, guys. See you then.

Jade, 4 September

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Male nudes ... at the bottom of the garden

As promised, the see-all versions of the "microcosm" shots which appeared on the other blog a few days ago. These are serious male nudes ... if you're not seeing them clearly,click to view at full size, because that organza he's almost wearing ain't concealing anything.

And I guess, to play fair, I ought to do a series of shots with a female who's only six inches tall, but makes up for it in all the right places, yes? Okay, I hear you, I hear you! We'll do that next, since the set is already ship-shape!

Here's the other renders, on the main blog:

Yaoi beauty at the bottom of my garden
More 3D whimsy at garden's bottom.


Jade, 28 August

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The gypsy girl ... glamour photography an' all

The gypsy girl ... the glamour shoot ... female nude art. Call it what you will. Gratuitous? Probably. Also very lovely. Which makes me ask, does there need to be a reason for beauty? Hmmm. Having to have a reason for beauty kind of defeats the object, doesn't it?

These renders are the adults only shots from a series of pictures which appeared the other day on the main blog. If you'd like to see the rest, here's the link... enjoy!

Jade, 20 August
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