Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Male beauty in the badlands

Male nudes -- new ones! -- today. No reason, other than that I was working with this model and set, which were created for a post on the main blog yesterday, and it was just crying out for the ... exotic and artistic version of the work. In the main post, it was all about a hunk and a rattlesnake having an altercation in the sandy hills not far from the sea. I was mostly rambling about creating terrains, but the result is really nice, so ... give me a reason why not to get artistic!

Sorry I haven't posted here for a while. Life went berserk about a week ago; something had to be suspended, and this was it. hen I caught 'flu ... still have it But I did these today, and they're rather pretty, so -- enjoy!

Jade, 29 June

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buxom damsel in distress -- topless, naturally. Aren't they always?

The buxom damsel in distress ... topless, of course. Apparently they're better that way -- unless you happen to be the damsel, of course, and it's a cold, rainy night. But cold rainy nights don't seem to damsels in distress ... at least, not in Hollywood, or in the comics (they're immune, the same way their costumes don't fall off, and they don't get dizzy on heels that high).

So here you go ... Zenobia making her escape. On t'other side of that wall is the stable, and if this was scratch and sniff Internet, you'd know that for sure. Being a warrioress from the steppes of central Asia, Zenobia knows all about horses. All she has to do now is steal away the warlord's big milk-white stallion, Pasha, and go bouncing (and I do mean bouncing) off across the moonlit desert.

Uh, yeah. Right. Well, that's what would happen in the movies -- I saw Lawrence of Arabia (on dvd, twice).

Seriously, if you'd like to see the rest of the renders which belong to this series (the ones where she has something on!) then, click here to go there ... reverse-caveat of sorts: they're beautiful renders, but your Mom could walk up behind you while you look at them and not have a cardiac arrest.

By the looks of Zenobi, she's leaving a trail of paralysed guards in her wake; the guys on duty at the stable don't stand a chance. Go for it, girl! And for godsakes put something on before you catch your death of cold -- have you any idea how cold deserts get at night?!

More tomorrow!

Jade, 20 June

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3D nudes ... DAZ's Michael 4, who else?

A fantasy come to life in 3D ... the Sinbad character from the renders you saw a couple of days ago on the main blog -- and you knew there were the other renders, the ones that don't get uploaded to the general blog!

If you're interested to see the whole "shoot," click here to go there. And the sequel to that shoot is an interesting tale of a guy on a driving holiday, who had a dream that he was an Arabian Nights hero ... and tracked down the very place he saw in his dream! Talk about echoes of past lives! That post lives right here.

No female type sensual renders tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with the set of renders of the warrior Zenobia ... the story goes, she was captured in battle on the steppes and, with a terrible case of amnesia, found herself in a seraglio ... yeah, that old chestnut! But it makes for some great images when she gets her memory back and busts out of there. Tomorrow. I promise!

Jade, 19 July

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fantasy nudes -- again! And why not?!

Male nude artwork, and female fantasy nude in the tradition of Boris! Another assortment of images, two from the archives, two fresh. The fresh ones are the top three ... they're (uh!) the adults only versions of a series of renders I did the other day, and if you'd like to see the full series, click here! He has his pants on, but he's still gorgeous, right?! Actually, it's a neat set of leather pants ... very nice, in a butch kind of way. Enjoy!

There's actually something rather "Boris" about all these renders today. I think it's the tonal gradients and the texturing. One would wish that Boris (and/or Julie) would paint male nudes more often -- but on the very rare occasion they do, they guys they paint are muscle-bound and don't look all that attractive, at least to me. Not my type, I guess. Well ... takes all kinds! So I decided to fill in the gaps with my own artwork, and I've been doing this for about ten months now. I'm the first to say, "there's a lot more to learn" -- because I'm very very eager to learn it all and be able to do it all.

Fact is, I love this stuff, and if I could earn a living at it, I'd be happy as a clam to do this all day long. Now, I wonder how you earn your living at this? Um ... suggestions, anyone?!

Jade, 18 June

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Yaoi swordsman ... sword kata by stormlight

Male nude art -- fantasy swordsman -- yaoi warrior ... call it what you will, it's beautiful! I'm really impressed with this skinmap, and I really like this character. In fact, I like him so much, I gave him a name.

He is Subotu, the ronin, who has wandered west and entered the service of am army on the edges of the steppes. His boss is plagued by brigands, and one enemy in particular -- the one who abducted the ninth son ... you saw the story on the main blog right here: Yaoi Romance -- classic story, new spin. Subotu entered the service of the father of this rash, impetuous princeling, and promptly wound up rescuing him from the brigands' camp. And the more I think about this, the more I'd like to do it as a graphic novel.

These renders are the adults only versions of the posts which appeared on the main blog (see the rest of the renders here). The next thing I need to do -- and I look forward to getting the opportunity! -- is the nice little romantic interlude between Subotu and the princeling. When I do get the chance to do this art, it'll be appearing on this blog, not the main one, so -- stay tuned!

Also, from the archives:

Still playing catch up, with loads of images left to upload from a months' old stash. Back tomorrow with more!

Jade, 16 June

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fantasy and glamour fuse in 3D art

The male nude and the female nude ... from fantasy artwork to glamour photography -- or at least 3D art doing its darndest to pretend to be glamour photography.

Just a grab-bag from the archives today because I'm so busy, you wouldn't believe what still has to be done, and how short a time I have to do it in. We're just starting to put a dent in the stores of art that have been waiting for ages to be uploaded.

Thanks to all who have visited the new blog here, and who've remarked on how pretty it is! I'll keep up the flow of images as long as the archives hold out, and then will drop back to posting a little bit less often, as new art comes along. Enjoy!

Jade, 15 June

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fantasy nudes (and near-nudes)

Fantasy nudes ... or, erotic fantasy art, if you prefer. The roots of this kind of work goes back about eighty years, though what they called 'racy' back in the 1930s men's magazines was pretty mild by comparison with what was going on, on the cover of the covers of the fantasy novels by the 1960s. Then, along came Boris.

He reset the bar, and the fantasy nude was here to stay. It was firmly established ... with one proviso. It was virtually always female nudes. I can only recall one or two male nudes. Which might mean the market wasn't ready for this side of the art form back in those days??

Who knows? Things have turned right around -- Boris and his partner in art Julie are still painting female nudes, but at least the way is clear for the likes of Jade to be out there doing male nudes. The artists of he last three or four decades broke trail, and today's fantasy artists ought to be grateful for the freedom of expression they won us. The fact is, Frazetta broke trail for Boris with works like this:

Boris grabbed the ball and ran with it, but at least he HAD a ball to run with, which wouldn't have happened if a generation of artists like Frank Frazetta hadn't been there first. Then, twenty-odd years later, here comes Jade with work like this:

...and I'm delighted to acknowledge them both, as well as a legion of other artists whose names probably wouldn't mean a darned thing to you!

The male nudes in this post were done as part of a series of renders appearing on the main blog. If you'd like to see the full series, click here and also here. Enjoy!

Jade, 13 June

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Yaoi Princeling and the Gypsy Temptress...

The Yaoi Princeling ... uncensored, unedited. In all his glory -- as you didn't see him on the main blog! The other half of the pictures are over there, but the whole point (one wants to say the thrust, but one won't; not around here!) of this blog is that it's about artistic nudes. And here they are!

Still playing catch-up, here are a couple more from the archives

...and maybe these characters are in the same story. They kind of look like they are. he Yaoi princling looks like he's camped on the edge of a battlefield. And the gypsy girl is out on the moors, divining the future, with the battle due to start at dawn...

Do you know a (gay fantasy) book by Mel Keegan, called The Lords of Harbendane? This is exactly what these images make me thing of. Hmmm ... must pull it off the shelf and read it again.

The full shoot featuring the gypsy girl lives here, if you'd like to see the rest. Those, she has her clothes on (!) but the backgrounds are painted in Gimp, with mist and birds, and ... nice!

Jade, 11 June

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Male nude glamour ... female nude fantasy

Male nude art pretending to be a glamour photo shoot; and ...

Female nude fantasy art in the classic tradition!

More of the barbarian princess today ... and also the "full monty" versions of the glamour shoot on the bridge, which you saw on the main blog. (Didn't see it? Click here.) Also, see yesterday's post for the links through to the full "shoots" of the barbarian princess and her drop-dead gorgeous sidekick.

We're playing catch-up here: there's about six months' worth of artistic nudes on file, all hiding away, waiting to be uploaded. Everything you can imagine and a lot you can't! So remember to bookmark this, and check back soon...

Jade, 11 June

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exotic, Erotic fantasy art ... in 3D

Exotic art ... you think of Boris and Julie, and Frank Frazetta. You don't usually think of 3D art, but you might. In fact, you should. Perhaps after watching this blog develop for a few months, you'll think of 3D art ahead of the regular kind which involves paint and brushes, and countless hours of loving effort...

Not that any less loving care goes into the 3D equivalent of this work, but I have to say that after about thirty years of working with the said paint and brushes, I'm soooo pleased to be working with pixels! For a start, they don't stink!

Also, the 3D work is so much faster that you can do about a hundred times more of it ... instead of getting an idea and winding up with one finished painting a week (or a month) later, you can get the idea and come up with 10 variations on the theme from every angle, and do this this afternoon!

If you've happened upon this blog by chance, please note that it's an offshoot of the main blog, which is Jade's 3D Adventures, and lives here. The main blog has been around for several hundred posts and about a thousand pieces of art! Thus one is just launching, and the reason for it is that the main blog is more or less intended for general viewers, so, even though the art is sensual and driven by fantasy, it's not totally explicit. And you'd be surprised (no you wouldn't!!) how many people wish it was. So ... this blog is having its advent right now, and in the weeks and months ahead it'll be the home for all the "adults only" versions of the more general posts which appear on the main one!

There's a lot of catching up to do, though ... there's scores -- maybe more than 100 -- pieces of exotic, erotic, delicious art waiting to be uploaded. I'm just making a start today with a he and a she. What's next?

Come back soon, and see!

In the meantime ... see the full original, sensual, exotic "shoots" from which these images were drawn, on the main blog. You'll see the explicit shots here, but the whole fantasy is over yonder...
The Courtesan: Exotic scenes in faraway lands;
Call to arms: the barbarian princess rallies the troops...
Call to arts #2: her boyfriend adds his 10c's worth!
Call to arms #3 ... princess and boyfriend together

Who's this barbarian princess --? Well, here's an appetizer (and before you say anything -- you wanna see the boyfriend!) :
So don't be a stranger. If you like digital art, and you have a taste for artistic nudes and the the sensual, the fantastic -- you're on the right blog

Jade, 10 June
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