Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exotic, Erotic fantasy art ... in 3D

Exotic art ... you think of Boris and Julie, and Frank Frazetta. You don't usually think of 3D art, but you might. In fact, you should. Perhaps after watching this blog develop for a few months, you'll think of 3D art ahead of the regular kind which involves paint and brushes, and countless hours of loving effort...

Not that any less loving care goes into the 3D equivalent of this work, but I have to say that after about thirty years of working with the said paint and brushes, I'm soooo pleased to be working with pixels! For a start, they don't stink!

Also, the 3D work is so much faster that you can do about a hundred times more of it ... instead of getting an idea and winding up with one finished painting a week (or a month) later, you can get the idea and come up with 10 variations on the theme from every angle, and do this this afternoon!

If you've happened upon this blog by chance, please note that it's an offshoot of the main blog, which is Jade's 3D Adventures, and lives here. The main blog has been around for several hundred posts and about a thousand pieces of art! Thus one is just launching, and the reason for it is that the main blog is more or less intended for general viewers, so, even though the art is sensual and driven by fantasy, it's not totally explicit. And you'd be surprised (no you wouldn't!!) how many people wish it was. So ... this blog is having its advent right now, and in the weeks and months ahead it'll be the home for all the "adults only" versions of the more general posts which appear on the main one!

There's a lot of catching up to do, though ... there's scores -- maybe more than 100 -- pieces of exotic, erotic, delicious art waiting to be uploaded. I'm just making a start today with a he and a she. What's next?

Come back soon, and see!

In the meantime ... see the full original, sensual, exotic "shoots" from which these images were drawn, on the main blog. You'll see the explicit shots here, but the whole fantasy is over yonder...
The Courtesan: Exotic scenes in faraway lands;
Call to arms: the barbarian princess rallies the troops...
Call to arts #2: her boyfriend adds his 10c's worth!
Call to arms #3 ... princess and boyfriend together

Who's this barbarian princess --? Well, here's an appetizer (and before you say anything -- you wanna see the boyfriend!) :
So don't be a stranger. If you like digital art, and you have a taste for artistic nudes and the the sensual, the fantastic -- you're on the right blog

Jade, 10 June


  1. Jade,

    Congratulations on the new blog.

    It looks simply Spectacular!

  2. Okay. . .I just stumbled on this page and am blown away. . .3D art. . .a concept I believe in, having played 3D animated games and written illustrated stories using them. . .but this!!!!. . .it is a whole new universe. . .it and you are extraordinary. I know nothing about the program that you used, but am now so intrigued I just have to find out more. Are the characters animated? (sorry if that is a moronic question.) Thanks for this blog!


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