Saturday, August 28, 2010

Male nudes ... at the bottom of the garden

As promised, the see-all versions of the "microcosm" shots which appeared on the other blog a few days ago. These are serious male nudes ... if you're not seeing them clearly,click to view at full size, because that organza he's almost wearing ain't concealing anything.

And I guess, to play fair, I ought to do a series of shots with a female who's only six inches tall, but makes up for it in all the right places, yes? Okay, I hear you, I hear you! We'll do that next, since the set is already ship-shape!

Here's the other renders, on the main blog:

Yaoi beauty at the bottom of my garden
More 3D whimsy at garden's bottom.


Jade, 28 August

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The gypsy girl ... glamour photography an' all

The gypsy girl ... the glamour shoot ... female nude art. Call it what you will. Gratuitous? Probably. Also very lovely. Which makes me ask, does there need to be a reason for beauty? Hmmm. Having to have a reason for beauty kind of defeats the object, doesn't it?

These renders are the adults only shots from a series of pictures which appeared the other day on the main blog. If you'd like to see the rest, here's the link... enjoy!

Jade, 20 August

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The vampire bares all

The vampire bares all ... and my money's on Vladislav, if it's a contest between this hunk and the siblings, Horace and Hortense Herschey, those self-styled vampire hunters in the twenty-third century. Seriously. This guy is a knockout.

Did you catch his grand entrance the other day? And what about those canines, if you get him annoyed? This guy looks seriously dangerous ... as well as drop-dead gorgeous. Wooooo!

Jade, 17 August

Thursday, August 12, 2010

See hunky Horace Herschey lose his speedoes

These are the adults only renders from a series of pictures that are appearing on the main blog right now: Horace and Hortense Herschey, vampire hunters in the twenty-third century. Siblings. And they squabble. They're after a vampire called Vladislav N. Stolichniyev, who apparently fancies one of them, but we're currently not sure which. Interested? Click here to see the rest of the renders, and catch up on the story so far...

Jade, 12 August

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hunting vampires, while wearing filmsy see-thu silk ... right.

So the question was, "What do you wear to hunt vampires in the twenty third century?" And the answer was, "If you're an attractive young thing, not much!" So I said, "What about if it's cold outside?" And they said, "Didn't you see that movie where Angelina Jolie mushes dogs at the south pole with acres of bare skin?" So I said, "Haven't you seen that movie where Cuba Gooding Jr. gets almost frozen solid just riding passenger on a snow mobile?"

And it went downhill from there. So --

In the twenty-third century apparently they're not going to have any cold weather. And there aren't going to be any girls with figures that aren't worth showing off. And almost everyone bounces around dressed like this ... at least when they're hunting vampires!

Uh ... yeah. Right.

If you're interested, this is the adults only version of a series of renders that just appeared on the main blog. Click here to see the rest, and -- enjoy!

Jade, 8 August

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Male nude fantasy art ... the stuff you wish Boris would paint, but it's mever going to happen, so --

(These are serious male nudes ... if you can't see them clearly, just click the images to see the uploads at full size!)

The post title tells all! One of the reasons I got into this kind of artwork is that I've wished for thirty years that Boris would paint this kind of artwork. The truth is, you'll have a heck of a long wait, because Boris don't paint guys like this -- only weightlifter dudes. And his creative partner, Julie, doesn't paint guys like this either -- only weightlifter chicks. Which is such a shame, because they have the vision and the technique to paint glorious men.

I've always ad the vision, since Age 12. And I was pretty good with paint and brushes, come to that. The problem is the TIME it takes to do a painting like just one of these renders. You're looking at 1 - 6 weeks of work, especially since you're not getting paid for a stroke you paint, so you're working a job too.

First came digital painting a few years ago (which is where I started painting book covers), and then -- almost exactly a year ago as of now) I stumbled into 3D art. I was looking over Mel Keegan's shoulder while MK tried to make sense of the DAZ Studio 3 interface. Now, MK is a not just a writer ... not just a GLBT writer ... not just one of the best writers working today, but one of the finest writers ever. Period. (If you don't know Mel, and you do like a wonderful gay book, then you need to check this out). But MK isn't an artist -- photographer, yes, and a damned good one. A pro from way back, in fact. But an artist?

Soon as I saw the DAZ interface my fingers started to itch. (Git out of the way, Mel, let me do this thing -- I can see how the interface works, move over, let me --)

The rest is history. It's been a year since I installed the software for the first time and worked out the interface. So I guess these renders right now mark an anniversary!

Incidentally, they're part of a larger series of renders ... the over five are suitable for general viewing and appear over on the main blog; and they spring off a character I created yesterday in the "seraph in a bottle" series. Enjoy!

Jade, 7 August

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fantasy nudes ... to strip, or not to strip?!

This series of renders is part of a project where some of the images appear on the main blog (here's the link to it), and some appear here because they get more adult as the costume becomes more transparent, and parts of it vanish altogether!

I've been playing around lately with transparency (or opacity maps), and you can do virtually anything with an object ... which made me stop and consider the question ... what's sexier? An actual naked bod, or a body that's almost but not quite clothed?!

No, seriously, stop and think about this! The next renders, below, are done in pairs, and you'll see what I mean. If I thought anyone was motivated, I'd ask for comments, or even run a poll, but I know folks are just not motivated to comment or vote, so I'll leave it to viewers to work out which is sexier! Here goes:

Anyone have an an opinion to share?!

Jade, 4 August
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