Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Male nude: gladiator

click to see at large size...

Gladiator. Male nude, on the line where art meets photorealism. Don't believe? Click to see at 1:1-- what can you say? See him at full size, and enjoy the, uh, details, right? Seriously -- I've been doing all kinds of experiments with various skinmaps and techniques of rendering, to get the very most out of the software I use. Very soon (I hope, inside the next few months), there'll be a "bridge" between the current version of the software and the render engine one salivates for. 

That's the next big step that'll make the next major difference in my work! Till that comes along ... well, here's where I am in terms of what I can make the software do. And I'm pretty happy with it. This piece is not very dissimilar to the kind of thing you see signed "Boris" -- and I really like this darker, shadowy, "etheric" style. More soon, I hope! Perhaps an elf, rendered in this light...?

Jade, April 3

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