Sunday, May 20, 2012

Calendar boy of the Hyborian Age -- male nude fantasy

As requested ... here he is as Mother Nature intended! He's also uploaded at full pinup size -- 1600 pixels wide, which ought to suit most monitors. Enjoy! And if you're interested in the original post from whence this springs, here it is

I know, I know, I don't post to this blog nearly enough ... for which, profound apologies. Hand on the heart, I promise to catch up with everything and post more often. Thanks are due to the many people who are supporting this blog, and also the main one --

To answer an old, old question: why don't I do very much sensual art of beautiful women? Well, simply because the www is swimming with CG, digital and 3D art of babes, much (most?) of it sensual. It's very, very hard to find an image of a guy, and if you ever do, he's usually a cartoon, or monster, or creature, or aged, or deliberately horrible. Digital art featuring beautiful young men, the counterparts to the gorgeous females one finds literally everywhere? Perish the thought. It's almost as if women don't do digital art -- and that's not true! -- or, only lesbians do the art (not true either), or there's some prohibition against depicting gorgeous young men.

Hmm. Well, no one has yet told me not to, so I'm filling in the blanks with art of my own. Fantasy guys. I'm slowly but surely learning how do make the pictures I always wished other artists would make! Apparently they won't (the issue certainly has nothing to do with can't), so here I am, doing my thing. As I said -- enjoy!

Jade, May 21 

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